The author and owner of ZHONGYI PRO web source code is the company ALDEMOS based in Switzerland.

The author and owner of the initial database (Traditional Chinese Medicine) of ZHONGYI PRO web (content and organisation) is Yves Donadini.

The Traditional Chinese Medicine data, taken from the World Heritage cannot and should not be registered. What is registered here is the structuring and location of such data within an homogeneous relational database system. This system, fruit of 20 years of research and development is turning ZHONGYI PRO into a worldwide unique tool.

ZHONGYI PRO web and its database are protected by worldwide copyright laws and treaty provisions (as well as the APP, l’Agence de Protection des Programmes).


The database is directly derived from that of PC softwares Zhongyi Pro and Yao Fang.
The website was designed by ALDEMOS.